Sylvi Sigre (Ástridrdotter) was the younger sister of Arnvid Sigre. She was the one who killed Vígi, as revenge after he had killed her brother.


Sylvi was born in Ale härad (Alyr) some time during the sixties. She grew up as the only child in a moderately wealthy family.Arnvid, who wrked for the family, often spent his free time playing with her and being a stand-in brother. When guerillas burned down their house and Sylvi's parents were killed, Arnvid took her with him to the capital - Göteborg - as he figured he could enlist as a soldier there.

The war against VígiEdit

Training, her brother's death and the defeat of Vígi.

Arnvid, not being of entirely human heritage, was a great aid against the guerillas and was posthumously promoted to officer ranks.

Sylvi, having recently joined the army herself, went on a revenge crusade against the guerilla until she killed Vígi. Her last name was changed to Sigre and she tried for settling down. That didn't work so well for her.

Alvan's arrival and return of VígiEdit

When Sylvi and Alvan first meet Sylvi has experienced one miscarriage, a handful of failed relationships and a "time off" demotion to city guard.

Physical appearanceEdit


Sylvi has green eyes, tanned skin and very dark sandy blond hair that she keeps plaited down her back. She is pear-shaped, with very wide hips.

She is usually dressed in a uniform of some kind; even off-duty she tends to opt for a formal dress code.

Personality and traitsEdit

She likes to keep sentences short and to the point, without ornaments. Alvan really likes this, as they can spend a lot of silence together without being uncomfortable - unlike Tryggvi who talks even more than usual around Alvan just for the sake of noise.

She has a very professional and pragmatic world view - at least in her own opinion and intent. She is indeed quite an efficient military, but she is a bit socially inept, partially because of PTS. In private she's quite fond of cooking and she has about a dozen recipies for the common cabbage, even though she doesn't really care for that particular vegetable ("just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's not good").


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  • It's Personal Her parents died? Fine, she can get over that since she still has Arnvid and the attack was attributed to the guerilla as a faceless group. Arnvid dies? At the hands of the guerilla leader Vígil? Vígil is a dead man walking.
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