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Skye Campbell was Alyas reincarnation in World 46. She had an older half-brother on her mother's side, Alden. She was in a romantic relationship with William. She probably grew up with a close relationship to her brother, just like she did in her life as Alya.

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Skye wore her hair curled, partially tied up and falling over her shoulders. She was prone on using hair ornaments, but while Alya favoured decorative hats, Skye is more for decorative combs, pins and other slightly exotic hair ornaments.

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Like Alya, Skye was a nice girl - but she "lacks edge" according to Caitlyn. At times she came across as shallow but above everything else she was just ordinary. She wore flattering and fashionabel clothes, giggled and used makeup. In a way she serves as a contrast to Caitlyn, who wore boyish clothes (never skirts), guffawed and only ever adorned her face with the occasional band-aid.


SKYE: From the name of the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. It is sometimes considered a variant of SKY; simply from the English word sky, which was ultimately derived from Old Norse sky "cloud".

CAMPBELL: From a Gaelic nickname cam beul meaning "wry or crooked mouth". The surname was later represented in Latin documents as de bello campo, meaning "of the fair field".

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