Chiyo Tanaka
Siiri Takala was the youngest of the guards serving under Sylvi Sigre, but had an impeccable aim and made an exceptional sniper. Her older brother, Taisto Takala, was the team's sour medic. While Siiri wouldn't loose her temper as easily as Taisto she was all the more fearsome when she did.

Physical appearanceEdit


She was pretty much covered in real as well as water-soluble tattoos of rather complicated tribal design.

Personality and traitsEdit

She had a kind of brisk friendliness. Taisto was more bitter and reacted more violently than his sister, but when she snapped she became more dangerous – and would remind people to stay away from windows.

Tryggvi KettilsonEdit

There were some racist tensions between Tryggvi Ketillsson and the siblings Taisto and Siiri Takala, which got in the way of work.

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