Nils Simonsson was an old man who together with his wife, Kerstin Simonsson, owned an old antiquarian bookshop. Said bookshop happened to contain a portal to Gothia, which Nils and Kerstin were set to guard. Alvan thought of him as a grandfather-figure, albeit a stern and somewhat scary one.

It is unclear if the couple originates from Gothia or Sweden. The names are by far more common in Sweden than in Gothia, but they seem very knowledgeable of Gothia and it's history. It is possible that they, like Alvan, at some point stumbled through the portal by mistake. It could also be that they changed their names to blend in better in Sweden. Regardless, they get financial support from Gothia for their work.

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Nils is very argumentative and enjoys starting debates about just about any subject imaginable. He is also very protective of his coffee in the morning.



  • The Simonssons live in a small apartment above the bookshop.

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