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Joktan was a guard in the temple where Leja Ground lived until Kalchas came along. He was very infatuated with Leja, saving her life without her knowing it, but never really got to properly confess this.


Joktan grew up outside the city, which might explain his disdain for the cosmopolitan women and his preference for the down-to-earth practical Leja.

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Joktan means little.

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  • Crazy Jealous Guy - towards Leja
  • Ensemble Darkhorse In the first two attempts at writing the story, he dies pretty much instantly. In the new story line he gets a much, much bigger role.
  • Madonna Whore Complex - again towards Leja
  • Only In It For The Money Why he joined as a guard in a temple that sacrifices girls. Of course, in this situations is probably a redeemable trait rather than a flaw, seeing as he spends most of that money on keeping one girl alive.