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    Ripped from this advertisement-riddled article.

    Kitchen duty isn't easy. The main culprit: grease. Before you start combating it, move small appliances off the counters to ensure that bacteria (kitchen enemy No. 2) won't flourish underneath the toaster oven or the coffeemaker.

    If You Have 15 Minutes

    Clean countertops and the sink. Spray disinfectant in the sink and let it soak. "Otherwise the product won't have time to kill all the bacteria and viruses you're trying to remove," says Janice Stewart, owner of Castle Keepers, a professional cleaning service in Charleston, South Carolina. Meanwhile, spritz the counters with disinfectant. Then scrub the sink with a sponge, rinse well, and dry. Return to the counters and wipe dry with a fresh cotto…

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    June 23, 2014 by Aryllia

    Lately I’ve decided to read again one of – if not the most awesome post-apocalyptic Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name fanfics. It is very very long and very much Worth every single flashback and derailment if you happen to be a ConWorth supporter. Either way, since it’s a plenty-parter I had taken the liberty to gather the multichapters and one-shots (somewhat) chronologically in a document.

    It’s over 500 pages long. Gneee

    Since I am still inexplicably obsessed with Iasthai I of course imagined what it would be like if he stumbled into the mess. Especially in the multi-chapter part ”The Creeping Messiah Complex” where the gang from HINABN canon (Hanna, Zombie, Conrad and Worth) meet (among many others) John. John is 15, from the south, a member of …

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    Contest link

    (Find the place in Hogwarts where the ceiling is black or blue Where the floor is green and sometimes muddy A perfect strolling place for you and your buddy snapshot)

    ((6843-6735)/4 = 27

    Let’s fly)

    ktealeh (the lake)

    vdeatrune (adventure?) (unaverted??)

    (find a place where it’s leafy and green

    Where the air is fresh and always clean

    A house of nature covered with glass

    That also serve as room for a certain class

    (picure of a beachball))

    (a picture of a trophy case and a set of numbers






    - the numbers correspond to the letters PRIZE)


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    Leja looked up at the sky. There were no stars this night; they were all covered by thick clouds. She shivered, and nuzzled up against the warm skin behind her.

    She had always been ready to adapt after most situations. Orphanage.

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    The player, as a project manager, have to lead a small group of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in a project. The first project is quite small with a generous timeframe and three NPCs, but the further you get in the game the more complex the projects become and the more NPCs become available. The NPC groupmembers have distinct personalities with different weaknessses and strengths. The player has to consider this when dividing the tasks in the projects among the group. Each NPC has a CV that gives the player a hint on what kind of tasks might be suitable for the NPC in question. The NPC can also "learn" new tasks by takign part in the successful projects.

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    Eliot/Millie Domestic meme

    November 26, 2013 by Aryllia

    Based on the ConWorth domestic meme .

    • Big spoon/little spoon

    They are usually very unromantic, but occasionally Eliot will be the big spoon because Millie is rather soft and cuddle-friendly if you wake up in the night and need a human teddy bear. Other times Millie will act affectionally protective because she knows she outsizes her husband and they are fine with that.

    • Favourite non-sexual activity

    Watching/arguing about films. Millie likes violent gore and horror movies. Eliot likes films that either comment on society or at the very least is funny - though his guilty pleasure would be the Addams Family.

    • Who uses all their hot water?

    Their daughters, though Eliot certainly use more of it than Millie.

    • Most trivial thing they fight over

    Breakfast. …

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    SMatPA trope list

    March 19, 2013 by Aryllia

    Yeah... I've tried to keep track of this in a document but that's not really working. Mostly because my documents tend to be corrupt if I'm not careful.

    • And Your Reward Is Clothes: A house elf is freed from its master if it is given an article of clothing, which is actually sort of an inversion; the clothing itself isn't the reward (at least, not the only reward), but rather a symbol of the reward.
    • Animal Motifs: An Animagus's animal form generally fits their personality. J.K. Rowling has also stated that Animagi don't get to choose what animal they turn into.
    • Animorphism: Animagi.
    • Anonymous Benefactor:
    • Arbitrary Skepticism: Luna Lovegood is constantly going on about the bizarre magical creatures her father writes about in his magazine. Even in…

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    December 7, 2012 by Aryllia

    I love the Harry Potter series, and I truly admire the care Rowling put in developing her magical world. I guess that's why I feel so increadibly cheated ever since she claimed that Durmstrang would be in northern Sweden. This is why that is stupid.

    All the known characters from Durmstrang seems to be Eastern European. No Scandinavian names at all, and the clothes definitely don't seem Swedish or Norwegian in the very least.

    I recall Rowling guessed that Durmstrang would be in northern Sweden, but any description including "mountains" pretty much eliminates Sweden as an option. Norway is more likely, but it still seem like poor research on Rowling's side.

    If the school is situated in... Norweden? What kind of language would they speak? Concid…

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    World 20 - names

    August 1, 2012 by Aryllia

    Two names that have bugged me a lot over the years are the name of world 20 (because really, who refers to their home word by a number?) and to a lesser degree the name of Mumbler, the local demi-godess in world 20.

    I'm basing the name of world 20 on the origin of the name of my own country. "Sweden" can be traced back to the Latin word "suus", meaning (refl. poss. adj.) "his/her/its/their own".

    In a similaar vein, since Home is important in world 20, I'm basing the name on the Latin word "domus" ("Dem" in PIE).

    The possible suggestions were plentifold:

    • Domia/Demia
    • Domdal
    • Domen/Demen
    • Domin/Demon

    I also played around with some other ideas that tied in interestngly. Saint Dominic for example, is the patron of falsely accused people. I won't say that …

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    The Scamander quandry

    July 29, 2012 by Aryllia

    When I sat down to plan SMatPA I wanted to make it as canon-compatible as possible – down to whatever detail I could wrench out of the canon sources. However, one notable stretch is the Scamanders. I knew that Luna got married quite a bit later than her friends from Hogwarts – Harry & co. – but I always imagined her twin sons to be in the same year as James. How? Why? Well, maybe it is easier to understand if you look at the marriage customs I’ve grown up with.

    My own parents didn’t get married until I was one year old. My aunt and uncle still aren’t married but have two teenage sons. I’ve always had the impression that marriage is something that makes paperwork easier, and it’s a legit reason for party without having a birthday, but gettin…

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    Fanfiction as a religion?

    February 10, 2012 by Aryllia

    This is something I came to think about some time last summer and noted in a book before forgetting all about it. Well, guess what I found the other day?

    That's right, my lucky pen.


    Okay, and the book, of course. Why else would I be writing this?

    The thing is that fanfiction is rather like religion; a group of interpreters will indulge in unashamed obsession over a story and then they will wrench it around in their head until it suits them - and both religious fundamentalists and hardcore fanfic writers will despise you if you try to point out that they are being very selective in their interpretations.

    However, one major difference between fiction and religion is that as long as the author of the fictional work is still alive, we can ask …

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    I want my badge

    August 17, 2011 by Aryllia

    For some reason, the first blog post wasn't counted? Such an oddity...

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    Too bad this whole wiki is one big original work ;)

    In all honesty, I doubt there will be anyone besides myself who'll contribute to this wiki, but that's more than fine by me. After all, the reason I started it up was for the opportunity to link pages together so that I can easily keep track of who's related to who. My documents are starting to look a little too disorganised (besides, the search will come in handy once we've got a little more substance here).

    What I really DO think I'll need other contributers for is tech stuff that I don't understand. Seriously, I constantly fear that I will end up breaking something...

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