Berwyn is a doctor who worked at the hospital where Cat got placed after her accident (though he's on the delivery ward...). He has a son named Alden and in world 38 he's known as Ákos.

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It's unfortunate, seeing as he works at the delivery ward, but Berwyn frankly looks like a criminal. Most seem to think that it's because of his narrowed eyes and because he always look irritated. Berwyn thinks people are just picking up on residue aura from his previous life as personified Death.


BERWYN: Means "white head" from the Welsh elements barr "head" and wyn "white".


  • I've considered giving him the surname Macbay, a variant of Macbeth which in turn is derrived from Gaelic "son of life". It would be so hillarious...

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  • The Cobblers Children Have No Shoes - Or rather, "As a doctor you shouldn't diagnoze people you know". A tricky thing considering he sometimes recognises people from his other life as Ákos.